Outwitting the Job Market

What do you need to take the job market by storm?

Outwitting the Job Market will tell you all the essentials, from your earliest research efforts to negotiating your compensation once an offer rolls in. You’ll learn the basics on resume and cover letter construction, how and when to network, tricks on winning over an interviewer, and tactics for enhancing your marketability. You’ll read canny advice from human resources personnel, career counselors, recruiters, and hiring managers from companies large and small. You’ll also learn from other people’s mistakes–what not to do along the path to your dream job.

Outwitting the Job Market is for everyone–from new graduates scouting for their first jobs, to career changers, to employed professionals looking to assess their options. Practical and hands-on, it offers exercises, anecdotes, examples, and strategies that can be put to use immediately. It also offers dozens of resources to help you target and improve your career trouble spots. No matter who you are or where you want to go in the workplace, this book will enable you to outsmart your competition, impress employers, and in time, land a job that truly fits your personal and professional needs.

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  • Quintessential CareersOutwitting the Job Market is a solid, well-written, and easy-to-read book packed with good advice and tips for job-seekers, and is especially useful for college students and other job-seekers new to job-hunting, as well as a refresher for others.”

    Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., © Quintessential Careers

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May 1, 2004