Breathe the Sky

Dakar. Karachi. Singapore. The shark-infested waters beyond Lae, New Guinea. Breathe the Sky is the first novel to explore the dangerous, madcap course of Amelia Earhart’s last voyage. At the apex of her career, when the 39-year-old aviatrix decided to fly around the world and set one final record, few could understand why. Even her husband, George Putnam, heir to the media and publishing empire, warned her not to go. Yet she was resolute in her decision. She would circumnavigate the globe at its widest point, the equatorial line, or die trying.

Meticulously researched and vetted by a veteran pilot, Breathe the Sky fills in the gaps that biography and history have not. It fleshes out the pilot at her most pivotal moment. It brings her to life once more, securing her place in the pantheon of great explorers, while inspiring risk and adventure in its readers.

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Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing


October 1st, 2009